“ASJO is without a doubt a superb big band; actually, the best I’ve heard in ages. If I considered last years debut album ”Point Of View” to be good – and I did – what accolades should I bestow on this their follow-up CD ”The Story Of Us”? … Since words fail me, I’ll be satisfied with WOW!”

”The Story Of Us may very well be the Swedish jazz album of the year.”

“Ann-Sofi Söderqvist has the hand of a true master in both musical form and timbre.”
Trelleborgs Allehanda

“An A plus!”

“A composer of utmost international stature”
“Exquisite solo performances”
“Everything is in place. Notwithstanding the occasional fervent challenges, the ensemble’s interplay, at times fortified by Lena Swanberg’s wordless vocals, is perfect.”

“You’ll find power and drama but moreover, a rich measure of tenderness and great warmth.”

“Like (Maria) Schneider, she (Söderqvist) weaves potent stories through her music.”
“With a line-up of Sweden’s big band elite, the result cannot be anything else but superb.”

”The Story of Us” is the band’s second CD.  The debut album was brilliant and this one is certainly not any worse – quite the contrary.”
“ASJO is more than a traditional big band with characteristics of a full symphony orchestra, making every composition on the record a symphonic movement.”
“The music is powerful but remains laid back jazz with cool components and great variation.”

“A dialog between Söderqvists pen and the soloists (and rhythm section) she’s chosen. “

“Once again, an interesting record.”

“Söderqvist is so effective at drawing out various colors, moods and nuances.  Fine soloists.”

“Ann-Sofie Söderqvist is a commanding, versatile composer”
Öviks Allehanda

“The composer-arranger Ann-Sofi Söderqvist allows her high-class big band to expand and comment the melodic lines in an ingenious way.”
Hallands Nyheter/Hallandsposten

“Well-played, well-arranged and musically rich album”

“Warm, tender and well-directed”
“A virtual string of pearls made up of the individual instrumentalists”
Västerbottens folkblad




”a fantastic Big Band, playing wonderful, original and energetic Big Band music”
”already looking forward to the next ASJO album”

”It is nowadays rare to hear a Big Band like the Ann-Sofi Söderqvist Jazz Orchestra, emitting such colorful musical radiance”
”Every individual number sparks interest and differs from the standard fare of today. That the musicians are inspired is clearly evident.”
OJ, Orkester Journalen

”Lena Swanberg (…) bulls-eye!”
”With Point of View, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist has created something big – something beyond the traditional Big Band”  


”one of the country’s most distinctive jazz composers”
”an expansive palette of original ideas”
DN, Dagens Nyheter

”a little masterpiece”
”an exciting journey , with highfaluting attitude, through a string of tonal worlds and unexpected artistic altitudes ”


”adept and personal”
”Ann-Sofi Söderqvist is a multi-nuanced composer.”
”The music has both subtlety and fiery fervor, as well as every nuance in between.  Söderqvist has also ensured that the lyrics are given such melodic tunes that they’d be a welcome addition to the international book of jazz vocals.”

”It is apparent that this creation is fantastic music,  Ann-Sofi’s love of voice, and by extension, the written word, which places a personal touch on the whole works.”
”If you have but an inkling of interest for modern big band music, you should check out this album.”
Kuriren, Musiknytt (Finland)

”With her own palette and a fresh, unconventional big band, she delivers an album that must be acknowledged.”
”extremely personal”
”powerful mood interpreter” 


”symphonic tonal coloration”
”A truly spiritual rhythm section”
Nerikes Allehanda, Meny

“There are lots of talented musicians in the band – musicians who can both interact with the ensemble and deliver interesting solos .”

”a driven composer, full of imagination”  

Uppsala Nya Tidning

”A distinguished balance of ensemble unity with individual solos”

”Above all, distinct orchestration and arrangements elevate this album.”
”An elegant and intelligent expansion of the big band’s expression.”





“the recording is one of the best I have heard in a long time”

“forward-looking compositions and arrangements”
Jack Bowers/All about jazz

“Ground-breaking big band jazz”
“Her compositions on the new record are characterized by an amazingly rich fantasy and power of imagination”
“A music crossing borders founded in the special rhythmics, timbre and solo space of jazz music “
Upsala Nya Tidning 

“The compositions are well thought-out and energetic, really expressive, and there are intelligent thoughts behind every note.”
“This is very exciting, somewhat experimental, big band music with several dimensions.”

“When listened to as a concert, as drama, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist´s creation is strong and Norrbotten Big Band and Lena Swanberg do full justice to it.”

“An elegant play with rhythm”
“Ann-Sofi Söderqvist masters the orchestra´s body of sound with a sure hand”
Skånska Dagbladet 

”And they are fine works. Well thought-out and well composed, but at the same time characterized by an energy and emotional power that lifts the music above the score.”
”One of the highlights of the records is the quiet, but steadily growing ”You shall thank” with lyrics by Boye, vocals by Swanberg and an exquisite flugelhorn solo by Söderqvist.”

”Modern, sonorous, dynamic big band jazz in the spirit of Maria Schneider”.
”The Norrbotten Big Band masters everything from folklore and almost symphonic parts to hard driving swing”
”The tenor of Karl-Martin Almqvist and the alto saxophone of Håkan Broström make a great impression.”

”A really good record”
”wellwritten and excitingly arranged compositions”
”brilliant solos by Håkan Broström and the bandleader Tim Hagans”
”Söderqvist´s(..)playing certainly whets the appetite”

”An emotionally charged hour of jazz”
”Swanberg grows and fascinates. The live aspect gives beautiful authenticity.”
”The arrangements keep their freshness and ignition and culminate in the last, dynamic piece ”Elements”
”The flugelhorn contributions of both Söderqvist and Dan Johansson lift up the music.”
Västerbottens Folkblad 



Swedish Jazz Celebration – First performance of Grains

“The music at hand is no ordinary big band jazz. Like the other repertoire of the three orchestra leaders, Söderqvist´s piece does not follow the given conventions of the genre.”
“Instead the piece develops in a linear form, without direct repetitions and with extensive dynamics. “
“(..)if there is something that keeps the music together it´s a kind of emotional logic”
“The individual musicians and Söderqvists´s delicate sensitivity has given the written material its own life and its own identity”
DN 19/2 2006


”Three writers who dare to go the whole way with ideas and material of their own.”
”The soloists have individual profiles. Staffan Svensson´s trumpet is a highlight in ”Where are you now”.
”A big band with many depths which ought to be be taken care of.”
DIG 2006

Concert at Fasching, Stockholm

”It is interesting music, at times advanced and hard to play. But due to the fact that the composers Ann-Sofi Söderqvist, Jan Levander and Joakim Milder succeed in conveying the fun of trying new devices, the music becomes exciting to hear. They work very hard; it is nevertheless an attempt to really process a genre in jazz that easily gets stuck in it´s own tradition. But it doesn´t feel that serious. And that´s why it is good.”
”Milders arrangement of an old piece by Charles Ives is an excentric highlight. It also sounds distinctive and inspiring when Söderqvist mixes blues with influences from Olivier Messiaen.”
”Jan Levanders material is in a way more robust, with plenty of space for the many driven soloists in the band. Alberto Pinton on contrabass clarinet and Karin Hammar on trombone, for instance. Or as in maybe the most sublime moment of the night: Milder and David Wilczewski on two soprano saxophones.”
DN 25/5 2005

Kulturhuset, Stockholm

“A journey from the big band concept and out. It is newly composed music by all of the three band leaders, arranged for this specific moment, and it´s more or less in opposition of all conventions of the genre. A different kind of big band jazz anyway.
”playful in a way that sometimes bring Frank Zappa to mind”
”stringency and sharpness”
DN 27/5 2004




”An interesting album with a classic quintet setting”
”nice variation of tempos and harmonies”
”A sincere and true musical highlight!”
Kristianstadsbladet 10/3 1998


”an hour of enjoyable jazz music”
”The rhythm section of their quintet is perfect in this context”
”Beautiful music and freedom for the improvisers innovative skills”
Norrköpings tidningar 11/2 1998

”A record that contains thoughtful ballads alternated with complex up tempo pieces”
”tough and extrovert”
”a natural flow. The notes invite you to stimulating excursions”
“Cool and well defined”
Västerbottenskuriren 21/4 1988


”Best right now”
Aftonbladet 4/3 1998

”The result is both exciting and varied.”
”fine lyrical qualities”
Kvällsposten 2/3 1998

”Golden debut on CD”
”nine brilliant, new songs”
”One of the records of this spring”
Expressen 15/3 1998

5.”One of the hottest records of this chilly spring. Music that warms and transforms you into high spirits.”
”Their playing is authorative, powerful, beautiful and with a strong rhytmical spark – hot music that also wins a young audience. Ann-Sofi and Christina offer nine exquisite original compositions where they bloom in many fine solo performances”
Sundsvalls Tidning 18/5 1998




Studion/Folkets Hus Umeå

”The music of the group Bitches Brew is very much focused on the subtle nuances, well balanced in expression and emotional contents. The interplay between the brass instruments and Berit Andersson´s vocalize is perfect. There is originality and particularly formed sounds, little shifts of harmonies and meetings, and a togetherness with elegance and cool ”timing”.
Ann-Sofi Söderqvist´s flugelhorn playing is beautiful and lyrical with wonderful legato lines that are broken by sudden leaps and entwined notes that change the sonority in perfect balance with as many nuances as the shades of the rainbow. There is only a handful of flygelhorn players in Sweden in level with her sound and clever improvisational skills.”
Orkesterjournalen 12/2 2004




Odense musikbibliotek

Söderqvist´s flugelhorn playing was a true joy to listen to. She formulated the phrases in long, festoonlike lines that at times were hazardous, but where she nevertheless landed on her feet. It was as if every number was a challenge where several possibilities should be explored and tested. The old standard ”On Green Dolphin Street” became in her interpretation a new fresh song where the somewhat strict harmonic pattern became the starting point for new forms of expression.”
Uge avisen 28/4 1999





”… with true musical passion for jazz, and the ensemble playing of the band was impressive. They were three horn players of very high standard and the rhythm section was hot that night.
I was extremely impressed by Ann-Sofi Söderqvist´s trumpet and flugelhorn playing. Partly for the wonderful techinque, but mainly for the intelligent improvisational solo playing..”
Östersundsposten 22/7 1997





CD review

”..There are a few good soloists, too, and one of them is defenitively Ann-Sofi Söderqvist who plays a genuine flugelhorn solo in ”God bless the child”..”
Orkesterjournalen juli/augusti 1996




Borgholm Öland

”.. My personal favourite, ”Ändå faller regnet”, from the critically acclaimed album ”Himlen runt hörnet”, is performed acoustically in a new, poetic arrangement and with trumpet solos by Ann-Sofi Söderqvist. It is so beautiful that it sends shivers down one´s spine..”
Borgholms kommun 27/7 1995

Pumpehuset Copenhagen

”..and ”Ändå faller regnet”, in an interaction with the trumpet player Ann-Sofi Söderqvist was so indescribably beautiful and melancholic, that it almost was painful…”
B.T. 1/6 1995

Pumpehuset, Copenhagen

”Ändå faller regnet” was also slightly magical. When Ann-Sofi Söderqvist´s trumpet fills out the sound picture, our thoughts go back to the cool 50´s beatnik culture and Chet Baker. Outside the air is still and the Danes rejoice as never before about a Swede..”
IDAG 1/6 1995

Pumpehuset, Copenhagen

”..After the pulsating funky opening it is time for a more quiet section containing three songs. Lisa reduces the tempo by singing alone only accompanied by a quiet piano. Ann-Sofi Söderqvist opens up after that – Ändå faller regnet – with a few soft notes on the flugelhorn and the Danes are spellbound..”
SvD 3/6 1995




CD review- Jazz on the corner
(collaboration record with several groups and artists playing at Lydmar)

”..The music is full of variety. Marie Bergman sings with great feeling in ”You don´t know what love is”, where Ann-Sofi Söderqvist performs a naked and exposed trumpet solo..”
Orkesterjournalen September 1995


CLUES & Q:s:


Fasching Stockholm

”At Fasching the European guests were entertained by, among others, our own female trumpet talent Ann-Sofi Söderqvist´s new group Clues & Q:s. Does a more soulful and mature female trumpet player exist in Europe? In the world?Musikern November 1991