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New CD! Recorded live at jazz club Fasching, Stockholm on January 13, 2017 and Bangen Jazz & Blues Festival, Sandviken on July 2, 2016.

All compositions, arrangements and lyrics by Ann-Sofi Söderqvist except Move and Play Me a Tune, where Lena Swanberg wrote the lyrics.

1) Evening Blues
Solo: Dicken Hedrenius, trombone

2) Oskar´s Theme
Solo: Oskar Lindström, piano

3) Move
Lena Swanberg, vocals
Solo: Karl-Martin Almqvist, tenor saxophone

4) Queen of All Gods
Lena Swanberg, vocals
Solos: Magnus Blom, alto saxophone, Karin Hammar, trombone

5) Home
Lena Swanberg, vocals
Solo: Karl Olandersson, trumpet

6) Play Me a Tune
Lena Swanberg, vocals
Solos: Lisa Bodelius, trombone, Karl Olandersson, trumpet

7) Little Dance
Solos: Johan Christoffersson, alto saxophone, Robert Nordmark, tenor saxophone, Anders Åstrand, vibraphone, Rasmus Svensson-Blixt, drums

8) Heroes
Lena Swanberg, vocals
Solo: Amedeo Nicoletti, guitar

9) Reflections of a Blackbird
Lena Swanberg, vocals
Solo: Pär-Ola Landin, bass


Ann-Sofi Söderqvist – composer, conductor
Lena Swanberg – vocals
Anders Åstrand – vibraphone, percussion
Amedeo Nicoletti – guitar
Oskar Lindström – piano
Pär-Ola Landin – bass
Rasmus Svensson-Blixt – drums


Magnus Blom – alto sax, flute
Johan Christoffersson – alto sax, flute
Karl-Martin Almqvist – tenor sax, clarinet (all numbers except 1 and 4)
Robert Nordmark – tenor sax, clarinet
Alberto Pinton – baritone sax, bass clarinet


Jacek Onuszkiewicz (all numbers except 1 and 4)
Karl Olandersson
Tomas Florhed
Henning Ullen (all numbers except 1 and 4)


Dicken Hedrenius
Mimmi Hammar (all numbers except 1 and 4)
Lisa Bodelius (all numbers except 1 and 4)
Magnus Werner – bass trombone

Playing on track 1 and 4: Henrik Westerberg, tenor sax, clarinet, Patrik Skogh, Nils Janson, trumpet, Karin Hammar, Peter Fredriksson, trombone


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Jan Allan 80

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New CD out with the European Jazz Orchestra 2013!! We recorded it in Stockholm last year, and I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with these great, young musicians from all over Europe. CD available at iTunes and Spotify. Check it out, some really good playing and singing in this record. Links:


European Jazz Orchestra – 2013 – Live in Stockholm with Ann-Sofi Söderqvist

Ann-Sofi Söderqvist, composer, conductor – SWEDEN
Kristin Amparo, vocals – SWEDEN
Daniël Dudok, guitar, The NETHERLANDS
Jean-Lou Treboux, vibraphone – SWITZERLAND
Joel Remmel, piano – ESTONIA
Matthias Flemming Petri, bass – DENMARK
Andrej Hocevar, drums – SLOVENIA
Mike Fletcher, asx, flute – UK
Michal Wróblewski, asx, bcl – CZECH REPUBLIC
Jean Dousteyssier, tsx, cl – FRANCE
José Maria Goncalvez Perreira, tsx, cl – PORTUGAL
Linda Fredriksson, bsx, fl – FINLAND
Darko Sedak Bencic, tpt – CROATIA
Bastian Stein, tpt – AUSTRIA
Menzel Mutzke, tpt – GERMANY
Tomaz Gajst, tpt – SLOVENIA
Richard Leonard, tbn – UK
Roberto Lorenzo Elekes, tbn – SPAIN
Francesco di Guilio, tbn – ITALY
Robert Hedemann, btbn – GERMANY


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The Story Of Us


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1. Fire
Solo: Robert Nordmark, tsx
2. Prayer
Vocals: Lena Swanberg, Solo: Lisa Bodelius, tbn
3. Remembering Frida
Vocals: Lena Swanberg, SoloS: Karin Hammar, tbn, Karl Olandersson, tpt
4. I Want to Stand Strong
Vocals: Lena Swanberg, Solo: Ann-Sofi Söderqvist, flgh
5. Wham!
Vocals: Lena Swanberg, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist, Solo: Magnus Blom, asx
6. Weird Blues
Solos: Johan Christoffersson, asx, Nils Janson, tpt
7. In the Basement
Solos: Alberto Pinton, bsx, Mats “Dicken” Hedrenius, tbn
8. The Story of Us
Vocals: Lena Swanberg, Solo: Amedeo Nicoletti, gi
9. Rondo
Vocals: Lena Swanberg, Solo: Harald Svensson, pi
Solo: Pär-Ola Landin, bass
11. Arvo´s Game
Solos: Karl-Martin Almqvist tsx, Amedeo Nicoletti, gi

Ann-Sofi Söderqvist, composer, conductor, flgh, vocals
Lena Swanberg, vocals, Amedeo Nicoletti, go, Harald Svensson, keyboards, Pär-Ola Landin, bass, Jonas Holgersson, drums

Saxes: Magnus Blom, Johan Christoffersson, Karl-Martin Almqvist, Robert Nordmark
Trumpets: Patrik Skogh, Karl Olandersson, Tomas Florhed, Nils Janson, Jan Kohlin, Filip Olandersson
Trombones: Mats “Dicken” Hedrenius, Karin Hammar, Lisa Bodelius, Magnus Werner



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Point Of View


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1. The Bear Walks in C
Vocals: Lena Swanberg, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist, Solos: Karl-Martin Almqvist, tsx, Amedeo Nicoletti, gi
2. À Bientôt
Vocals: Lena Swanberg, Solo: Amedeo Nicoletti, gi
3. Queen of All Gods
Vocals: Lena Swanberg, Solos: Karin Hammar, tbn, Lisa Bodelius, tbn
4. Tranquility
Solo: Harald Svensson, pi
4. In the Afternoon
Solos: Alberto Pinton, bsx, Magnus Blom, asx
5. Change
Vocals: Lena Swanberg, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist, Solo: Robert Nordmark, tsx
7. Peace
Vocals: Lena Swanberg, Solo: Johan Christoffersson, asx
8. My Blue Pals
Solos: Mats “Dicken” Hedrenius, tbn, Amedeo Nicoletti, gi
9. Trumpet Madness I
Solos: Patrik Skogh, Tomas Florhed tpts
10.Trumpet Madness II
Solo: Nils Janson, tpt
11. Trumpet Madness III
Solo: Karl Olandersson, tpt




“From the opening fanfaric theme of Grains and the sorrowful moaning of Pisagua, to Elements, a jazz orchestra masterpiece, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist astonishes, elates and energizes the listener with her wounderful compositions.” Tim Hagans

Conductor: Ann-Sofi Söderqvist

Grains (lyrics:Ann-Sofi Söderqvist) 20´45
1. I 4´07
2. II 9´12
3. III 7´26
Solos: Håkan Broström asx, Lena Swanberg vo, Karl-Martin Almqvist tsx, Tim Hagans tpt

4. Pisagua (lyrics: Sun Axelsson) 8´13
Solos: Lena Swanberg vo, Mats Garberg tsx

5. Shorters Quarters 6´34
Solos: Dan Johansson flgh, Mars Garberg tsx

6. Du ska tacka (lyrics: Karin Boye)
Solos: Lena Swanberg vo, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist flgh

7. Var är du nu? 4´47
Solo: Tim Hagans tpt

Elements 20´15
8. Fire 6´09
9. Water 3´08
10. Wind 5´17
11. Earth 5´41
Solos: Tim Hagans tpt, Johan Zakrisson pi, Håkan Broström asx



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“Golden debut on CD”  Expressen

”Their playing is authorative, powerful, beautiful and with strong rhytmical ignition”  Sundsvalls Tidning

Ann-Sofi Söderqvist tpt/flgh, Christina Nielsen tsx/ssx, Mathias Algotsson pi, Hans Backenroth b, Johan Löfcrantz dr

1. Shorter´s Quarters (Söderqvist

2. Blue Moments (Söderqvist)

3. Frida (Söderqvist)

4. Colourfields (Nielsen)

5. Heartflower (Nielsen)

6. The Way You Saw Me (Nielsen)

7. Childlike (Nielsen)

8. Mr J. (Söderqvist)

9. After Midsummer (Söderqvist)


Siren Song



Elisabeth Kontomanou, vocals


What Is Life

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Voces Nordicae

Voces Nordicae
Conductor: Lone Larsen


Fyra Kungar



Bohuslän Big Band

“Evergreens in Swedish”


Vocals: Marie Bergman, Svante thuresson, Claes Janson, Nils Landgren, Totta Näslund


Arrangements: Christer Olofsson, Mikael Råberg, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist, Daniel Norgård, Quincy Jones, Chico O´Farrill


Bohuslän Big Band



Jazz Experience


“ of the best records released last year!” LIRA
“..joyous beautiful music..don´t miss out on this one!” OJ

Evergreens and orginal music by Stig Söderqvist, Bernt Rosengren and Jonas Koch.

String arrangements: Ann-Sofi Söderqvist and Bernt Rosengren

Clarisse Muvemba vo, Stig Söderqvist tpt/flgh,  Bernt Rosengren tsx/fl, Jonas Koch pi/perc, Olle Steinholtz Bbass, Calle Rasmusson dr

String Quartet: Anders Hjortvall, Hanna Eliasson v, Daniel Lindblom vla, Andreas Tängberg vc



Composer´s Big Fun


“A journey from the big band concept and out!” DN

1. Syvende och sist (Levander) 5´36
Solo: Ann-Sofi Söderqvist flgh
2. Full öppning (Levander) 7´25
Solos: Alberto Pinton contra bass cl, Lars Lindgren tpt, Niclas Rydh bass tbn, Anders Åstrand vibraphone
3. Var är du nu? (Söderqvist) 4´20
Solo: Staffan Svensson tpt
4. Kultur 1 (Milder)
Solos: Lars Lindgren tpt, Johan Zakrisson pi, Sven Berggren tbn
5. Sunset (Söderqvist) 8´59
Solos: Anders Åstrand marimba, Jan Levander asx
6. Tidsstämning (Söderqvist) 6´47
Solos: Marie Bergman vo, Johan Zakrisson pi
7. Pisagua (Söderqvist) 8´03
Solos: Marie Bergman vo, Joakim MIlder tsx
8. Ingredienser till människa (Levander) Lyrics: Malin Hülphers
Solos: Marie Bergman vo, Johan Zakrisson pi, Patrik Skogh tpt, Niclas Rydh btbn, Mats “Dicken” Hedrenius tbn, Lars Lindgren tpt
9. Kultur 2 (Milder) 9´44
Solos: Johan Zakrisson pi, Joakim Milder soprano saxophone, David Wilczewski soprano saxophone